Answers to frequently asked questions about Dr. Alkaitis' organic skin care product line ingredients, skin care recommendations, questions about acne, dehydrated skin, dry hands, skin reactions, sun burn, sun protection and more.


Are your products suitable for people with allergy concerns?


If you have a known specific allergy you may email us at: office@alkaitis.com and we will be happy to inform you if it is present in the product in question. All ingredients are labeled on our bottles & boxes, however, the exact combination of essential oils and their quantities are proprietary.

Because all our ingredients are made from edible plants and oils, our bodies naturally have the capacity to recognize very quickly if this product will cause a potential allergic reaction. You may perform a patch test with any product on your inner wrist and / or behind your ear.

Usually within 5-10 minutes you should see your results. If you see raised red bumps, this is an indication of an allergic reaction and you should refrain from using the product on your face and / or body.

Some fast ways to bring down an allergic reaction:


Essential Oils:

Not all essential oils are created the same. Many commercial brands and/or inexpensive brands will use cheap essential oils made with a low-cost chemical solvent process. In many cases a person is actually having a reaction to this chemical – not the essential oil per se. We use only top of the line, 100% pure, certified organic essential oils that are made via a cold distillation process.


How do you preserve your products?

There are a few different ways that our products are preserved.

  • Each product has its own built-in natural preservation system that is enhanced and supported by the proprietary combinations of essential oils, herbal extracts, the ingredients themselves and/or the presence of endogenous enzymatic activity.
  • Utilizing effective packaging: The crème bottles contain a special airless dispenser (Italian made) that only allows product to pump out but blocks oxygen from coming back into the product.
  • Lastly, through the use of organic alcohol, which is in itself a natural preservative.



Please tell us about the alcohol that is used in your products and if it will dry out the skin?

Yes, we will explain the difference between organic and denatured alcohol:

We use a high quality, expensive, skin-friendly, drinkable, certified organic alcohol.
There are two roles that the alcohol plays in our formulas:

1) It is critical to keep certain components of herbal extracts in solution, thereby acting as a preservative.

2) Organic alcohol will accelerate the absorption of plant ingredients by the skin.

When used in specified formulas and quantities, such as in our Organic Herbal Toner and Organic Soothing Gel, our certified organic alcohol will facilitate the therapeutic properties of these ingredients. In fact, they act as a hydrating tonic for oily skin and assist in balancing your skin’s pH.

Commercial denatured alcohol is a less expensive, non-organic ingredient that will indeed dry your skin. There have been chemicals (denaturants) added to it to make this product ‘undrinkable.’ The majority of these denaturants will dry out your skin.

Is there a difference between organic and commercially-made Witch Hazel?

Witch Hazel has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic treatments for the skin. It is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, astringent, antioxidant, and protects against sun (UV-A and UV-B) damage. It is also anti-aging, anti-wrinkling and an analgesic. It plays an integral role in the formulation of some of our products.

Commercially available witch hazel is not as skin friendly because it contains chemical additives.


Why do you recommend mixing the masks with organic raw honey?

Honey is nature’s first-aid kit for the skin. It is a traditional ingredient that has been used for thousands of years in beauty products. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is loaded with active enzymes. It is highly hydrating for the skin. Upon application, honey instantly melts to your body temperature thus bypassing its “sticky nature,” creating a silken texture. This keeps the masks moist and in place.

If you prefer to use water as another alternate mixing agent, the masks will still perform well as long as they remain moist on the skin.

I am vegan. Do you have another recommendation aside from honey to mix with the masks? Such as Agave?

Unfortunately, organic agave syrup Is highly refined and is basically pure fructose. Our recommendation would be to use organic Yacon syrup as a honey substitute. Besides other properties, it serves as an excellent support for your skin's microbiome.

Can I just use water to mix with the masks?

Absolutely! As long as the masks remain moist on the skin you will receive the benefits of the ingredients.

What is the benefit of mixing the masks with Goat Milk yogurt?

We recommend organic goat milk yogurt because it is laden with beneficial probiotics, healing enzymes, and lactic acid which are natural exfoliators for the skin. Organic goat milk is hydrating, making it an excellent choice for anti-aging and problem skin. This hydrating quality supports the essential moisture provided by the mask’s ingredients which are biologically activated by an aqueous element. We choose organic goat milk yogurt as an alternative to cow’s milk due to allergic reactions. Our customers have experimented with great success using spring water, raw organic honey as well as organic green tea and organic fruit teas. You may be as creative as you wish.

I am vegan so what would you recommend I use in place of Goat Milk Yogurt as an option for mixing with the mask?

An excellent replacement would be Coconut yogurt with living probiotics.

What is the difference between your masks?

Please read below about our five different masks. All our masks are biologically activated by an aqueous substance and must remain moist on the skin.

Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask (treatment mask) is an ideal for skin that needs to be renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated. It is a gentle and effective anti-aging treatment. It thoroughly removes all of the accumulated debris in the skin, while supplying essential phytonutrients, antioxidants, and minerals to the skin. This mask also has a lightning and brightening effect. Good for all skin types. For balanced skin you may use 2-3 times a month. For skin with slower cell turnover you may use this once a week. Please read our ‘Ask the Esthetician’ post about this product for more detail, and our blog post 'Organic enzyme exfoliating mask'

Organic Flower Mask (treatment mask) is an activating and energizing mask that will bring a sallow lifeless complexion to life. It leaves the skin glowing while improving the overall skin tone. Good for normal to oily skin types. I like to use this mask as a quick manual scrub. Just blend in the palm of your hand with a little water and gently massage into your skin. It will leave your skin exfoliated, refreshed and bright. May be used 1-2 times a week.

Organic Universal Mask (nourishing mask) nourishes and rejuvenates sensitive, mature, inflamed, damaged and/or troubled skin. Excellent for use after peels, micro-dermabrasion, photo facials, etc. Contains grass-check for allergies. This is a calming mask and may be used as much as needed.

Organic Cellular Repair Mask (nourishing mask) will repair, regenerate, and fortify your environmentally damaged and aging skin. Contains real berries - check for allergies. This mask will lighten, brighten, and tighten the skin. Also excellent for dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Organic Beautifying Mask (nourishing mask) A unique formulation that includes four types of the most powerful skin plumping, collagen stimulating, anti-inflammatory and immune system boosting mushrooms found in nature. Our Beautifying Mask is formulated to effectively prevent the signs of aging, boost collagen production and enhance the skin’s cellular function and potency. This mask is excellent for refining the skin and leaving it super soft. May be used as much as needed.

You say we should keep the mask moist while it’s on our skin. How do you recommend we do this?

  • Use the steam of your bath or shower.
  • You may mix the masks with honey and or goat milk yogurt
  • Mix the masks with a little water and add a few drops of the Nourishing Treatment Oil.
  • Mist your face with purified or spring water.


Are your products vegan?

Yes, our entire line is vegan, except for our Love your Lips lip treatment which contains beeswax.


What do your products smell like?

Our products do not contain any synthetic scents and smell very natural and clean. We derive our pure scents from plants and essential oils so that each product has a distinct smell and thus its own personality.


is your packaging recyclable? What are some of your sustainable practices?

  • All of our containers and boxes are recyclable.
  • All of our bottles are made from PET plastic which is food grade. You will find the marking on the bottom of the bottle which indicates the grade of plastic.
  • These containers offer reliable protection from harmful UV rays for our light sensitive products.
  • Our bottles are treated in a very special proprietary method that will not allow any kind of leaching to occur.
  • We only clean our laboratory tables and equipment with drinkable organic alcohol (the same as we use in our products) and we do not use chemical cleaners or solvents.
  • We are working towards making our office as paperless as possible.
  • All of our packing materials are biodegradable and recyclable.
  • All the ingredients used are from nature, thereby never causing any harm to the human using them or the planet and its’ waterways.
  • We support organic boutique farmers from around the world. Together we are all working towards creating products that are good for you and the planet, free from toxic pesticides and GMO’s.


I have celiac disease and I wonder if the oats in my masks contain gluten?

New Update: Dr. Alkaitis product line is 100% gluten free.
The certified organic oats we use are naturally gluten-free, non GMO and now manufactured in a 100% gluten-free facility. This is great news for all our customers who have extreme gluten sensitivities and / or celiac disease.


What is the shelf life of your products?

The shelf life for each product is 2 years 2 months. 12 months expiration from the date of opening. Additionally, our products do not need refrigeration but should be kept in a cool room temperature environment and out of direct sunlight. The cremes are especially sensitive to heat and may be stored in the fridge during the summer months. The cool crème actually feels amazing on the skin. Note: If your crème melted from overheating in your bathroom or car, I recommend that you put it in the fridge to solidify the product. Sometimes this will change the texture of the crème. This is normal and it is still effective and safe to use.


I have acne. Are your products good for acne prone skin?

Yes, in fact, the whole line is especially good for acne and sensitive skin.
(Our line is good for all skin conditions from problematic to aging mature skin).
A must-have product specific to an acne condition is the Organic Soothing Gel.
It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. You may use it as a spot treatment or just use it all over your face to control bacteria from spreading. It’s a non-greasy moisturizing
multi-functional product. If the acne condition is in a very active phase or is persistent we recommend pairing the Organic Soothing Gel with the Organic Purifying Cleanser and the Nourishing Treatment Oil to use before bed to help diminish scarring and to provide deep restorative nourishment. Please read our ‘HEALTH & BEAUTY BLOG’ post about products for more detail.

If you would like to add a deeply nurturing mask that contains a big dose of vitamins and minerals (very important for compromised skin,) I would recommend The Universal Mask. Once inflammation has been soothed and balanced, feel free to incorporate other Dr. Alkaitis’ products into your daily routine.


Are your products good for aging and mature skin?

For skin that is dehydrated, more mature and experiencing sun & environmental damage I would recommend the following products in whatever combination feels right for you. If you have any specific questions or need help to find the right protocol, please email us at: office@alkaitis.com

It’s important to point out that all of our products are anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial. I bring this up because many times ingredients that are beneficial for problematic skin can also be incredibly repairing for aging skin because both conditions are actually a sign of inflammation! Nature is pretty intelligent that way. Furthermore, Dr. Alkaitis has always made a point to utilize powerful adaptogenic plants and herbs in our formulas. The very nature of adaptogens is to balance and restore on all levels, internally and externally. The more you commit to your skin care regimen and use these products on a regular basis, the better the results you that will see.


Will the Nourishing Treatment Oil or the Ageless Elixir clog my pores?

Absolutely not. These oils were created to be absorbed into the skin, to nurture and support the restoration and protection of your skin. They are both completely free of toxic synthetics such as silicones that seal the top layer of your skin and thus clog the pores. We interpret and apply the Ayurvedic philosophy concerning oil: “Oil cuts Oil.” Nourishing Treatment Oil and the Ageless Elixir will have both a therapeutic effect on your skin and it will also bring imbalanced skin back into balance.

What is the best way to use the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil?

The Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil is a raw, living, therapeutic multi-functional product and may be used for your entire body, face, scalp, and hair. A small amount may be applied after shower or into a bath. We recommend massaging the product into damp skin. For more information on this product, please visit our blog post here: HOW TO USE THE ORGANIC NOURISHING TREATMENT OIL


I am pregnant. Are your products safe to use on myself and on my child?

Absolutely yes. However, please keep products away from the child’s eye area.
You may also dilute the products with spring water for babies.
The Nourishing Treatment Oil is also excellent to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.
Many women start to become more aware about what they put in and on their body during pregnancy.
When they start to investigate their conventional personal skin care products, they are usually inspired to make the switch to clean beauty. We have long been the ‘go-to’ brand for new mothers. We manufacture by our tag line “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”, thus making our brand the perfect choice for the ultimate inner and outer skin care. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and we can’t ignore that whatever we put on our skin does indeed get absorbed. For many years, the conventional beauty industry tried to denounce this but it's slowly coming around to a realistic view of human skin. Dr. Alkaitis’ mission has always been to create a personal skin care line that would be beneficial for both your outer and inner body, and never incur long-term damage. To achieve this, we only use certified organic, raw, living, therapeutic edible plant ingredients.


What products do you recommend for extremely dry and or mature skin?

Because our products are so adaptable, we have a few options to suggest:

  1. You can use the Night Crème in place of Day Crème since it’s a richer formula.
  2. You may add 2-3 three drops of Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil into either the Day and or Night Crèmes, blend and massage well into skin. Make sure your skin is slightly damp with water for better penetration.
  3. After cleansing and toning, I would recommend massaging 2-3 drops of The Organic Ageless Elixir on to your skin, and ‘seal’ it with either the Day Crème or Night Crème. This will provide a deep hydrating nourishing glow on your skin. Re-apply as needed.
  4. Blend well and massage gently into skin. Wait a few minutes for mixture to penetrate your skin, and then apply make-up as usual. You may repeat this same process in the evening.


Do you have product suggestions for dry hands?

Try smoothing equal amounts of Soothing Gel, Nourishing Treatment Oil, and Night Crème onto freshly washed hands. Massage well.

Note: All of our masks may be applied on the hands to nourish and feed the skin. I highly recommend The Enzyme Mask first, followed by either The Cellular Repair Mask or The Beautifying Mask. For more of an ‘manual’ exfoliant you may use The Flower Mask as a ‘scrub’ just mixed with water.


Do you have a shaving gel recommendation?

Shaving cream may be made by mixing the Organic Purifying Cleanser with a few drops Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. Blend together with a little water to create a silky low matte foam. Apply to damp skin in circular motions creating a light lather. Shave and rinse. Finish with a small amount of Soothing Gel. This treatment is applicable to leg, bikini and underarm shaving as well.


My skin gets flushed when I use your products. Is this normal?

This is totally normal. Our products are 100% biologically active. The combined ingredients are actively working to bring a fresh supply of oxygen and blood to the skin’s surface via the capillaries, which may cause a reddish or tingly reaction. This will diminish within seconds or minutes after application. This is a desired effect, giving the appearance of a healthy rosy complexion. After your skin has adjusted to the raw, living ingredients, this reaction usually dissipates. A similar reaction is very common when you switch to any new brand, particularly with organic and raw products. Most skin care experts suggest a 2 to 3 week acclimation period.
If you have a reaction that you are unsure about, please feel free to contact us via telephone 916-617-2345 or via email at office@alkaitis.com.


What do you recommend for sunburned skin?

The Toner contains organic Aloe Vera as its’ base, several different kinds of seaweeds, and other calming plants and herbs that are excellent for soothing mild burns.
You may gently sponge the sunburned area with tepid water and blot dry with a towel. Liberally apply the Herbal Toner directly onto your skin and let it dry. Re-apply as needed.
You may follow with the Nourishing Treatment Oil and/or you may combine the two ingredients together to creating a calming, soothing all over body serum.


Are your products safe in the sun and do they contain sunscreen?

Absolutely yes, they are safe to wear in the sun. In a certain sense the entire line has its own natural sun ‘protection’ which is inherent in the plants themselves, but I would not call it a ‘screen’. The ingredients do however create a natural, protective and nourishing layer on the skin.

Plants have the capacity to create their own photo-synthesis and so we are just working with the intelligence of the plants themselves. The products recommended to apply and layer together when in the sun would be the following:

  1. The Herbal Toner is recommended for the face and body before, during and after, sun exposure.
  2. The Nourishing Treatment Oil all over body and face. Best applied on damp skin.
  3. The Day Crème
  4. The Ageless Organic Elixir

We recommend using a non-nano technology zinc oxide sunscreen if you must wear a sunscreen, and make sure it’s free of Titanium Dioxide. Eat a healthy diet high in antioxidants.

Try incorporating these 4 supplements that Dr. Alkaitis highly recommends when in the sun:

  1. SOD (SUPRER OXIDE DISMUTASE) - powerful enzyme excellent to reducing inflammation and minimizing free radical damage.
  2. ASTHAXANTHIN – powerful antioxidant.
  4. Beta Carotene - the orange part of carrots. Eat lots of them!


Can your masks stain fabrics?

Yes, it is possible due to the natural ingredients. The Universal Mask is deep green and is made entirely out of vegetables, sea vegetables, and various grasses. The Cellular mask is mauve/pink and is made with berries.
I would definitely use darker towels to remove your masks and use reusable or disposable cotton rounds to remove the product before drying your face.

To place an order or for questions about our products please call or e-mail.

916 617 2345