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The Beauty Lab is more than a retail space, it's an experience. Step into a haven where the magic of Dr Alkaitis Organics comes to life. At our Beauty Bar, you are invited to feel the products on your skin and immerse yourself in the luxurious essence of our raw, living, organic skincare line. Knowledge meets nature as you learn to customize your skincare regimen for balance and a radiant complexion. 


Peruse our spa menu at The Skin Sanctuary, located within The Beauty Lab, and make an appointment for one of our Signature Facials. Discover the transformative power of our products, and let us empower you on a journey to skin health and harmony.

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Raw, Living, Organic Skincare

At the heart of Dr. Alkaitis Organics lies a profound respect for the power of nature, encapsulated in our guiding principle: "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin"™


Our products are more than just skincare; they are a bridge to well-being, crafted from raw, living, organic, or ethically wildcrafted ingredients, and produced from scratch in small batches in our lab in West Sacramento, California. As a pioneering force in the organic beauty industry, Dr. Alkaitis Organics has been at the forefront of formulating truly organic, raw, plant-powered skincare since 1996. We stand as one of the rare brands today that steadfastly maintain this unparalleled level of purity in every product we offer.  Each formulation is designed not just to beautify but to promote healing, strengthen, and balance the skin, embracing the holistic philosophy that true beauty stems from vitality and wellness.

The Skin Sanctuary

Revitalize Your Essence at The Skin Sanctuary: 

Where Holistic Wellness Meets Organic Beauty. 

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Welcome to The Skin Sanctuary by Dr. Alkaitis Organics, an intimate realm within The Beauty Lab dedicated to holistic skin treatments. Here, we invite you to indulge in our signature facials, each crafted to synergistically cleanse, nourish, and revitalize your skin, guiding it to its healthiest state. Our treatments are a response to the myriad of stressors life presents, both from the environment and within, aiming to create harmony between your skin and your nervous system. With each intentional touch and through holistic wellness practices, we join you on a transformative journey to luminous health and beauty, continuing our pioneering legacy of organic purity where the serenity of nature beautifully intertwines with nurturing care. We are delighted to present four signature facials at The Skin Sanctuary, each uniquely tailored to rejuvenate and harmonize your skin. Please take a moment to peruse our spa menu below and choose the treatment that resonates most with your individual needs.

Our Signature Facials

Dr. Alkaitis Boost & Blush Express Facial (30 Minutes)


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Revitalize in a Flash: Radiance-Boosting Express Care

This perfect mini facial treatment offers a quick boost of nourishment, leaving you with a healthy glow. Tailored to meet your individual skincare needs, the session rejuvenates your skin through a gentle biological enzyme treatment, complemented by a nourishing massage for your face, neck, and shoulders. It concludes with a finishing mask designed to restore balance and enhance your natural radiance. You'll emerge feeling relaxed, revived, and empowered to take on the rest of your day.

Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Skin Food Facial (60 Minutes)


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Pure Harmony. Clarify & Calm: Soothing Care for Sensitive or Inflamed Skin

This treatment offers a cleansing, clarifying experience designed to soothe the skin, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin, acne, or any inflammatory condition. It starts with a gentle enzyme treatment to remove dead skin cells, enhancing the absorption of nourishing ingredients to follow. The session includes a soothing massage that restores balance and radiance to your complexion, complemented by hand, arm, and foot massages with a blend of calming oils. Tailored for congested, devitalized skin or conditions marked by a buildup of dead cells and acne, the Dr. Alkaitis Facial purifies, detoxifies, and regulates, promoting cell renewal, stimulating turnover, clarifying pores, and providing deep nourishment. This treatment is both cleansing and revitalizing as it soothes both the skin and the nervous system.

Dr. Alkaitis "Red Carpet Ready" Antioxidant Berry Glow Facial 

(75 Minutes)


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Brighten & Lift: Age-Defying Radiance For Your Skin

This revitalizing and stimulating facial is designed to restore your skin to a healthy state, it helps prevent premature aging while nourishing the skin with our raw, organic skincare products. The treatment begins with our Organic Enzyme Mask to brighten your complexion, followed by our signature Lifting Face Massage. Utilizing the Organic Herbal Toner and Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil, this protocol diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, enhances elasticity, re-educates facial muscles, and boosts blood and lymph circulation. This ensures that the skin's deepest layers are infused with precious botanicals for a rejuvenated, glowing complexion. You will also enjoy a hand, arm, and foot massage using a blend of calming oils and ingredients. Our antioxidant-rich, skin-nourishing Berry Whipped Honey Mousse Mask, fortified with berries and vitamin complexes, completes the treatment, making it suitable for all skin types—especially those concerned with hyperpigmentation, damage, devitalization, or aging. It's the perfect preparation for a special event, leaving you looking and feeling fabulous.

Dr. Alkaitis Ageless Collagen Boosting Facial 

(90 Minutes)


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Collagen Revive: The Ultimate Youth-Enhancing Ritual

Looking for a boost and lift? This facial is tailored for you. Our lifting, skin-rejuvenating treatment is designed to restore your skin to a healthy state, preventing premature aging while nourishing it with our raw, organic skincare products. We start with the Organic Enzyme Mask to brighten your complexion. Then, our signature Lifting Face Massage which is enhanced with a hand, arm, and foot massage, employing a blend of oils and calming ingredients. We conclude with a skin-nourishing mask, enriched with a unique blend of the most potent, collagen-stimulating, anti-inflammatory, and immune-system-boosting mushrooms available, alongside the enzymatic benefits of antioxidant-rich raw cacao. This treatment is a powerful boost and lift for your skin, designed to enhance cellular function and vitality.


Creating this little gem of a Zen space has been a dream of mine for more years than I can remember!  I have always been a “people person” and there’s nothing more satisfying than having a one-on-one experience with our customers, to connect to our community, and to offer a little corner of serenity in a hectic world.

I think the world needs more conscious care, more hands-on healing, a place to expand, connect; and take a peaceful pause.

My personal healing journey started on the table with an esthetician 29 years ago and it truly was a game changer for me. It opened the whole concept of self-love and morphed into a lifelong interest in health and wellness.

Together with our vibrant living products, my vision is to create an atmosphere of true health that will activate ones’ inner & outer beauty.

Love, Trish xxx