Organic Lip Treatment


Our Lip Treatment gives your lips that shiny attractive glow while protecting and nourishing them, providing a long lasting deep treatment.  

Dr. Alkaitis selected the ingredients for their therapeutic and rejuvenating abilities, natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The balm is especially soothing for chapped lips. Use daily and re-apply when necessary.

Our lip treatment is made with Beeswax.

0.25 oz/7.5g | 100% active


Apply to your lips with clean fingertips. Re-apply as needed.


The Organic Lip Treatment can be used as a healing balm on any area of the body that is chapped or excessively dry (for example: chapped elbows, knees, hands, and heels).

The Organic Lip Treatment can also be mixed with lipstick to give your lips a shiny attractive glow while protecting them and nourishing them.

Apply to your lips with clean fingertips. Use as much as you like.

Raw shea butter*, Beeswax*, Extracts of Centella* and Licorice*, Full spectrum non-GMO vitamin E Complex (D-Alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols and tocotrienols) and a blend of 100% organic pure essential oils.

*certified organically grown

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jsameen Novoselova
Best of the best

The big question : does a $35 lip balm actually work? In my opinion yes, this one does. I have chronically dry lips; in part because of the weather but mostly because I tend to unconsciously lick them. I was very skeptical and was used to either making my own lip balm or buying the $2-3 grocery store lip balms. This one has simple ingredients but works like no other. It’s smooth, light, smells good and moisturizes better than anything I’ve put on my lips before. If my lips are super dry and feeling like they will crack or are peeling, when I apply this it softens the dead skin so it can be sloughed off. There is no waxy feeling just a lightweight, smoothness (I can’t stop rubbing my lips together!). My favorite part is that it tastes like nothing. Most lip balms have overbearing essential oils or fragrance making it unbearable if it gets in your mouth or annoying to smell directly under your nose after some time, but this one has such a light scent and is tasteless. All in all, Dr. Alkaitis nailed it again!

Valerie Camacho
Lip Balm!!!!!

I love, Love, Love this lip balm!!! So emollient and smells good!

favorite lip moisturizer

love the way this feels and smells


I am very happy to get great products!

Jean Nomura
Organic Lip Treatment

I have very dry lips; since using Dr. Alkaitis’ lip treatment, they no longer feel as dry. I have tried every type of lip ‘balm’ from common beauty brands to essential oils as well as Emu Oil. I am very happy with this product.

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