Organic Ageless Facial Elixir Inspired by the Amazon Rainforest

Hello Golden Ones!

Today I want to talk about my favorite product, the one that I would bring with me if I was stranded on a deserted island: our transformative ‘liquid gold’ in a bottle, the Organic Ageless Facial Elixir. 

The Ageless Elixir is one of Dr. Alkaitis’ most profoundly complex, nourishing products; an essential for mature and aging skin. It is inspired by some of the richest, deepest and wisest specimens from the magical plant kingdom in the Amazon rainforest.

Organic Skincare with plants from the amazon

Harnessing the power of some of these magnificent plants, Dr. Alkaitis researched and developed this product specifically to help combat the signs of aging caused by the skin’s loss of hydration, elasticity, and vitality.

The Organic Ageless Facial Elixir contains some of the most high-vibrational oils that nature can provide. It is a concentrated serum that, with daily use, will start to rebuild and restructure the skin from the inside out. Although it is dense with powerful ingredients, this luscious serum glides on and absorbs quickly and easily, leaving the skin with a beautiful, youthful sheen that will last all day or through the night.

When should you use the Elixir?

Apply the Elixir whenever you feel your skin needs a boost of hydrating love, healthy glow & rich nutrition.

If you are familiar with our product line then you may already know that all our organic skincare products are multi-functional, and the same products bring balance to any skin and resolve a myriad of conditions, so there are not hard and fast rules for use. However, I would recommend using this exceptional product in the morning and evening for best results.

Who Should Use the Elixir?

Anyone can use this luxurious oil and reap the benefits, but this is definitely a great product to support mature, aging skin and to rehabilitate damaged skin. 

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Ageless Facial Elixir 

How Do I Use the Elixir?

  1. Cleanse with the Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser.
  2. Tone with the Organic Herbal Toner (allow Toner to stay damp on skin)
  3. Apply 2-3 drops of the Organic Ageless Facial Elixir and massage well into skin.
  4. You may ‘end’ your regimen here, or, if you want more moisture, add 1-2 pumps of Organic Day Crème or Organic Night Crème to ‘seal’ the serum in.

The Difference Between the Elixir & the Nourishing Treatment Oil

Now, I want to take a moment to answer a question I get asked all the time: "What is the difference between the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil  and the Organic Ageless Facial Elixir?"

The short answer is that they are two completely different products, and comparing the ingredients for each product side by side will clearly show this. Yes, both are highly efficacious and excellent for aging concerns, but like the rest of our line, each product offers separate, adaptogenic benefits for the skin.

The Organic Nourishing Treatment oil is a multi-functional product designed to be used all over the body, head to toe, whereas the Organic Ageless Facial Elixir is targeted for the face, neck and décollete.

In simple terms, if I were to compare apples & oranges:  we all know apples are good for you, and so are oranges, but you won’t stop eating one over the other because both offer vital nutrition and are complimentary to each other. Eating one gives you vitamins and nutrients that the other might not have. Well, the same advice applies to these two products.

I LOVE making food comparisons because our entire line is RAW, LIVING, ORGANIC and made from EDIBLE ingredients. Our skincare products are also VEGAN (with the exception of our lip balm that contains beeswax.)

Take a look at these fountain of youth ingredients!

  • Formulated with Dr. Alkaitis' Signature Skin Renewing and Rejuvenating Oil Complex and Skin-Youth Enhancing Herbal Complex Skin Renewing and Rejuvenating Oil Complex (Andiroba Oil*, Buriti Oil*, Pequi Oil*, Marula Oil*, Ximenia Oil, Pracaxi Oil*, Copaiba*, Maracuja Oil*, Acai Oil*, Jojoba Oil*, Sacha Inchi Oil*), Skin Youth Enhancing Herbal Complex (Tamanu Oil*, Shatavari Extract*, Ashwaganda Root Extract*, Amalaki Extract*, Black Musli Extract*, Red Sage Extract*, Gotu Kola Extract*, Hawthorn Extract*, Rosehips Extract*, Arjuna Extract*, Vacha Root Extract*, Wakame Extract*, Saffron Extract*, Tulsi Extrtact*, Rosemary Extract*, Bala Root Extract*, Sea buckthorn Extract*, Kombu Extract⁰, Neem Leaf Extract*, Codonopsis Extract*, Manjista Extract*, Turmeric Extract*, Ginseng Extract*, Echinacea Extract*, Lemon Balm Extract*), Full Spectrum Natural Vitamin E Complex (D-alpha, beta, gamma, delta Tocopherols and Tocotrienols ), Aroma (A blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils), Citral**, Citronellol**, Eugenol**, Geraniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**
  • *certified organically grown - °ethically wildcrafted - **naturally occurring


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To your radiant inner & outer beauty!

Trish xxx

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Hi Dr Alkaitis!
I tried the herbal toner and elixir for the first time today and wow! My pores tightens and my face is’s incredible! The first time in my life to see progress this quickly with natural skincare! I truly want to THANK YOU for creating a truly amazing skincare line! I love the fact of being raw and organic! Hoping to see a sunscreen soon..
Take care, Lynette

Lynette November 11, 2021

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