The Importance of a Holistic Approach to Skincare with Esthetician, Holly Cline

Seattle based holistic esthetician, Holly Cline, has been working in the beauty industry for over twenty years, and today she owns her own beautiful spa in the Queen Anne neighborhood of Seattle, WA. Holly is deeply committed to a holistic, organic approach to health and beauty, so she has chosen to exclusively use the Dr. Alkaitis line for all her treatments. We caught up with Holly to learn more about her passion for organic ingredients, her dedication to her clients' healing journeys, and to get a peek at the tranquil sanctuary she has created as a haven for everyone who walks through her door.

"Holly Cline Skincare is proud to be the first spa in Seattle, WA to offer Dr Alkaitis facials as a service! After years of research I've finally found a product line with organic ingredients and principles that match what I believe in. I learned early in my career that we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals daily through our skin care products and makeup. Many of which are absorbed into our bloodstream. This is why I insist on using only organic products, free of chemicals and GMO's. I am extremely passionate and dedicated to the health and beauty of your skin."

- Holly Cline, owner & esthetician

1. Tell us about your business values and mission.

Holly Cline: My mission when opening Holly Cline Skincare was to create a safe and sacred space for healing, where everyone is welcome. A skincare sanctuary where I treat the skin not only on the surface but from the inside out; mind, body, spirit. I value all people, all animals and the earth herself, so I made the important choice to have my spa be completely vegan. I work only with the magic of plants.

Organic, sustainable living is a huge part of my mission. I love to shop at my local farmers markets for produce and fresh flowers for the spa. I’ve been growing my own organic herbs to serve my clients herbal tea, and I have chosen to exclusively use the beautiful, raw, living, edible, organic, biodynamic products from Dr. Alkaitis. 

2. What do you want your clients to experience at your location?

Holly Cline: Love, laughter, relaxation and HEALTHY, GLOWING Skin! I hope each client walks away feeling like they’ve made a new friend. I am their biggest cheerleader, here to assist them in every way possible along their journey to healthy skin.

3. Tell us about your staff.

Holly Cline: It’s just me! I’m an independent practitioner, so I personally perform all treatments in the spa in addition to running all spa operations. I’ve been a licensed, practicing esthetician for over 16 years. My approach to skincare has always been holistic in nature. I received my aesthetic training and certification in European Skin Care which included traditional and naturopathic techniques. I’m certified in Dr. Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and I am continuously educating myself in other holistic treatments and techniques: Gua Sha, Ayurveda, nutrition, herbalism, crystal healing and energy work to name a few. I am forever learning and growing.

4. What changes have you made for the reopening of your spa?

Holly Cline: As an esthetician I have always operated my business with hospital grade standards. Disinfecting has always been a strict process, and  now I am scheduling extra time between clients to thoroughly wipe down all surfaces and door knobs. I’ve done additional training on the Coronavirus specifically, including Barbicide Covid-19 certification. I’m doing no-contact temperature checks, I have a medical grade air purifier running, and I keep windows wide open next to the facial bed for fresh air and circulation. I also have hand washing/sanitizing stations set up throughout the room. I am personally wearing an N95 mask, protective eyewear and gloves throughout all treatments. My clients' health and safety, as well as my own, are always top priority. 

5. You work exclusively with Dr Alkaitis Organics, what do you love about the products?

Holly Cline: What I love most about Dr. Alkaitis' products is his motto: “If You Can’t Eat It, Don’t Put It On Your Skin.” I love that the products are made from raw, living, edible, whole plants that are organic, biodynamic or ethically wildcrafted. Everything we put onto our skin is being absorbed, often reaching the bloodstream. I always tell my clients to really read the ingredients when choosing a product, and ask themselves, "would I rub this on my heart or my lungs?" If the answer is no, it shouldn’t be used on the skin either. I also love that the results achieved with the Dr Alkaitis products are truly amazing. You can see and feel that the skin is healthier after a treatment.

6. What can your clients expect from Dr Alkaitis facials?

Holly Cline: First of all, a beautiful setting. I’ve designed my studio to feel like an outdoor, garden setting, with beautiful plant walls, fresh flowers and string lights above the bed; the ultimate setting for relaxation. My Dr. Alkaitis facials are customized to each individual's needs. They include most or all of the following: a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, European massage of the face, neck, décolleté, hands and arms (or back with back facial,) lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha, customized treatment mask and more. All of my facials also include a deep discussion about diet and nutrition and how it affects the skin. I share my personal skincare journey with clients and explain how I completely cleared my skin after suffering for over 10 years with severe cystic acne. A discussion on the importance of juicing for your skin is also included. I’m a huge advocate for juicing and believe it’s a skin changer. I have very few clients who don’t own a juicer now. We then work on a customized home skincare regimen and I teach them how to properly use the Dr Alkaitis products.

7. What is your favorite Dr Alkaitis product and why?

Holly Cline: Wow! Choosing a favorite product seems impossible because I love them all! But if I had to choose, it would probably be the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. It is so healing for the skin and I love how versatile it is. I use it as a lightweight moisturizer on my face, as an all over body oil after showering, and I use it on my cuticles, to tame flyaways in my hair. I also mix a good 5-7 pumps of the oil with the Dr. Alkaitis masks to keep them moist on the skin. Speaking of masks, the Organic Universal Mask is another favorite product of mine as well as the Organic Ageless Elixir.

8. Why is a skincare routine important? 

Holly Cline: A consistent skincare routine is important because our skin is a living organ, and it’s complex. The skin is a direct reflection of the health of our entire body. Whatever’s going on inside the body (the health of other organs, stress or poor diet) is going to show up in the skin. Our skin is also being directly hit by all the outside elements: sun, pollution, toxic chemicals in products and makeup. A solid, organic skincare routine is important to repair and protect the skin from such damage. It’s also key to preventing sun damage and wrinkles.

9. How often should someone have a facial?

Holly Cline: I believe everyone benefits from a monthly facial, however I may recommend weekly/bi-weekly treatments for some clients such as those experiencing severe acne or skin picking and most teens. I find it extremely beneficial to monitor the progress of these clients more frequently in the beginning so I can help guide them through any necessary dietary or skincare regimen changes, and most importantly, to be their emotional support system. Once the skin clears and they’ve understood their own at home regimen, we can move to once a month.

10. How has this quarantine experience changed/affected you?

Holly Cline: It’s been challenging for sure! I’ve worked hard to build my business and it’s my only income, so being shut down for almost four months has been brutal but it’s also given me time to reflect and to be creative. It’s made me appreciate life and it’s fragility even more. I’m grateful for another beautiful day to live. We’ve tragically lost so many to this virus.


11: What inspires you most? What is your secret passion?

Holly Cline: Nature is always my biggest inspiration. All I need to be inspired is to simply step outside, walk barefoot on the earth and feel her electric, healing energy, to smell a rose, admire its beauty and spend time in a forest amongst the trees.

What is my secret passion? Witchcraft! (Not so secret anymore, I came out of the “broom closet” publicly a few years ago.) I’ve been a practicing witch for over 20 years. When asked to explain my practice, I describe it as: Nature is my temple. The sun and the moon are my guides and I work with their energy. I honor and respect the earth and the elements and my ancestors. Plants are my medicine and I work with magic. I am a healer, so it's no surprise that I would end up with a career as a holistic esthetician, healing the skin through the magic of earth's beautiful plants.

1817 Queen Anne Avenue North, Ste. 415
Seattle, WA 98109




Photos by Holly Cline

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