Since the inception of our brand we have enjoyed natural collaborations with many creative professionals such as makeup artists, models, and photographers. Our products have also been placed as props in movies!

I have always looked at this as a huge compliment, knowing that every product a makeup artist uses on their clients could have a positive or negative effect on their most important asset: their face. So, when renowned artists such as Tina Bech Lipman remain loyal to our products for so many years it truly feels like the best authentic ‘PR’ our brand could ever receive.

I have been fortunate enough to know Tina since I moved to New York over 25 years ago, and she has supported our brand since the beginning. We recently collaborated on one of her famous private loft shopping events which offered Dr. Alkaitis’ organic facial experience. The event was such a success that it inspired us to dream of doing more workshops together, but then, just like that, our city and the rest of the world shut down.

In my ongoing effort to collaborate, support, and remind each other of our human presence, I have decided to draw attention to our talented community on this Health & Beauty Blog, so I'm thrilled to introduce you to Tina! She gave me an inside look at what inspires and motivates her and she shared some pro tips and tricks that we could all use. Make sure you scroll down to the end for a peek at some of Tina's inspirational work....

1: Fashion & Style 

I always thought of you as NYC’s original ‘influencer,’ way before we had social media and that was a career path. You are always effortlessly and flawlessly chic! What inspires you most and how has this influenced your work as an artist?

Tina: I’m truly inspired by people in general, but it’s the special ones that make a difference for me: those with pure souls or who are just plain kind. I was told as a child to smile at a minimum of 5 people every morning on my first outing, and this is what I do when I work. No matter how I feel inside, or if it’s not the best day, I still arrive with a positive smile and make the day the best it can be. As for my favorite styles and designers, I would say that I’m lucky to be surrounded by amazing, interesting people of all ages. I continue to be very fluid in terms of fashion. I’m so inspired by my 25 year old daughter and her friends, and they have brought me back to the vintage-inspired clothing that I wore in the nineties.

I’m a hippie at heart but I also like to dress up. I wear almost anything from the WARM store (https://warmny.com.) Another favorite store of mine is the Loup Charmant. (https://loupcharmant.com.) I also get amazing vintage t-shirts from Procell (http://www.procell.nyc.) My daily outfit in the summer, even for work, is denim shorts and a great top. I’ll wear my dresses at night. Even though I'm living in this urban jungle, I’m not the typical New Yorker because the Dane in me always seeks the natural way of living. I try to live healthy and stay positive no matter what.

2: Problem Skin 

Do you have any pro tips & tricks to share with someone who may be struggling with skin issues pre-shoot or before a milestone event, such as a wedding or special occasion where photoshop & filters aren’t an option?

Tina: That's a tough one because we all know what stress can do to our skin. Instead of trying to “operate,” squeeze, or use harsh products, I recommend letting your skin heal with a good, natural, organic mask, or lay down with cucumber slices all over your face. It's very difficult to perfect or cover up a dry, crusty, inflamed skin.  Most problems can be easily covered if the skin is calm and hydrated.

3: Makeup After 45

We recently discussed collaborating on makeup and skincare workshops for women over 45. The way we use make-up in our 20s and 30s just doesn’t look the same as we get older. What are your top three recommendations for a more youthful appearance, and what are three makeup mistakes that we should let go of?

As we age we need to pay more attention to our skin. The better our skin looks the less makeup we need to put on it. "Less is more" is ALWAYS key when applying makeup as we age.  

Three things to do as we age:

    1. Let go of the full-face foundation and just cover small imperfections. 
    2.  Learn to fill in your eyebrows with feathery strokes, if needed, to make them as natural as possible. Fuller eyebrows somehow take years off of a woman’s face.
    3. My ‘go-to’ is always a little warm blush color on the eyelid, lightly blended so that the lid has a slightly warmer tone than your face. 

Three things to let go of when we age: 

  1. Powder. Unless it’s just around the nose or problem areas.
  2. Tone the lipstick down. Too much of anything doesn't look good. Lipstick can be beautiful, but learn to use less and make it look more natural. 
  3. Drop the ‘too much blush look!’ As we get older, a beautiful blended blush in the correct shade is best, and even a tiny bit on the apple of the cheek. Drop the contouring unless you know how to do it!


 I love using natural products on my skin, and once I’m in love with a product, it will be in my work kit. As a makeup artist I will only use something I’ve tried and tested. Using Dr. Alkaitis on my clients has always made them feel they were having a treatment, a moment of zen, because of the incredible smell. I truly believe that beautiful make up starts with beautiful skin.

- Tina Bech Lipman, Celebrity Makeup Artist


4: Dr. Alkaitis Organics

Please tell us what your favorite Dr. Alkaitis’ products are and how you like to use them, both personally and at work?

That’s the hardest question! I am such a huge fan of your products and love them all, but if I must choose, I'll say that I enjoy applying the Herbal Toner and  Nourishing Treatment Oil every day .... it’s heaven. 

My clients and models always sigh with pleasure too!

To make a wonderful LIGHT-WEIGHT DAILY NOURISHING SERUM,  blend 1 pump of Nourishing Treatment Oil with 2 pumps of the Organic Herbal Toner. This is beneficial for skin that may need the extra hydrating nourishment of the oil along with the powerful anti-inflammatory properties of the Organic Herbal Toner. This lightweight daily nourishing serum is an excellent choice for very young skin that doesn’t necessarily need a crème but needs protection and nourishment. It is also a good choice for more mature skin with tight pores.

Dr Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil for Face & Body

5: Clean Makeup

I have seen clean make-up brands gaining popularity over the last ten years or so. Have you noticed more makeup artists adding natural or clean makeup in their kits? Have you tested the efficacy of some of these brands for a big photoshoot?

Yes, absolutely! I really conscientiously try to use the best of the best. I truly feel that not only makeup artists, but also models and private clients prefer natural and pure products.

(Editor's note: If you are on the hunt for natural and pure makeup I recommend visiting https://www.thedetoxmarket.com.)

6: 2020

Tina, we recently went through some wild times in NYC. How has this experience changed you and affected your industry?

It’s a whole new world! As you know, you have helped me greatly by sending me tiny sample sized products. Everything I use is new and is being opened in front of the models. I found sets of great brushes that are in sealed packages, so I bring brand new brushes and products to every job. I feel like a dentist now! I always wear a mask and I get tested before shoots.  All this is challenging and I know that not everyone can do it. I recommend that the models keep everything I used on them and bring it to shoots in case someone is not as careful as I am. Most people should just bring their own makeup or get a list from the makeup artist, that would really help everyone.  

7: A Memorable Experience!

Do you have a favorite, once-in-a-lifetime work memory you can share with us?

I have many but I chose a fun one that is related to current events:  I was booked to do Donald Trump's makeup for an hour-long interview with Nancy Collins in 1994. It was crazy because I was massively pregnant and my belly kept bumping into him while I had to cover his pink, crusty cheeks AND it’s the only job I never got paid for!

8: Looking Forward

Keeping in mind that we can’t predict the future, and it's not clear when or if things will get back to the ‘normal’ we're used to, I must ask: "What are you most looking forward to right now?"

 A better world. Maybe this pause means we will be better, do better, and save our planet. 


Thank you Tina for giving us a peek into your world and sharing your grace & wisdom.

May you all continue to let your natural beauty shine!

Trish xxx


If you have any comments and or questions, we would love to hear from you. 

Tina Bech Lipman lives in NYC and is represented by http://www.bryanbantry.com/tina-lipman

9: Tina's Iconic Work

Juana Burga - Nuna Awaq - Dr Alkaitis Organics

Juana Burga, international model and founder of NUNA AWAQ, an initiative that supports the work of Peruvian artisans.

 Makeup by Tina Bech Lipman Celebrity Makeup Artist

Makeup by Tina Bech Lipman Celebrity Makeup ArtistMakeup by Tina Bech Lipman Celebrity Makeup ArtistMakeup by Tina Bech Lipman Celebrity Makeup Artist


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