Acne. If you have ever struggled with acne, or know someone that has, you know that this can be a deeply sensitive topic. Despite a popular misconception, it can happen at any age. There are a myriad of reasons that acne can show up. These can include, but are not limited to: hormone fluctuations, environmental & daily stressors, anxiety, dietary sensitivities, & overstimulated skin. All of this can be exacerbated by the PPE masks we have been using for protection… creating a condition that many refer to as “maskne”.

Simply put, acne is an inflammatory condition. With so many of us living with bodies in a chronic inflammatory state, acne can creep up when we least expect it. The bottom line is that it means your skin is out of balance. At Dr. Alkaitis we strive to produce a line that supports restorative cellular and biological balance via raw living plant based ingredients. We developed a sophisticated plant extraction technique that allows us to utilize all of the phytonutrients of the raw plant including: root, stem, leaf, and flower. It was very important to us to do this without ever heating our ingredients above body temperature allowing the full raw enzymatic and therapeutic complexes to maintain their integrity. The raw superfoods are carefully selected from ethically wildcrafted & organic, biodynamic farms to guarantee high potency and ensure that they are free from toxic pesticides and GMOs.

Dr Alkaitis Organic Natural Treatment for Acne

Let’s be honest, no matter the reason, acne is frustrating, but there is hope. At Dr. Alkaitis we treat the skin as a whole living organism with a holistic approach. We created the Ultimate Acne Essentials Kit, a four step kit, to work cooperatively to address concerns with acneic skin conditions. The powerful anti-inflammatory and adaptogenic properties of these products produce nutrient rich ingredients to bring your skin to a balanced & nourished state.


  • Our nutrient-rich, non-drying Organic Purifying Cleanser consists of an invigorating synergy of revitalizing herbs, balancing seaweeds, and nurturing vitamin complexes that are carefully blended together in a creamy cleansing base. The Purifying Cleanser deeply cleanses, lightly exfoliates, and gently, but thoroughly melts away impurities; all while restoring the natural pH balance. Leaving skin dewy, soft, and radiant.
  • Our Organic Soothing Gel deeply comforts and soothes the skin. Providing long-lasting hydration while aiming to nurture skin that is prone to acne and inflammation. A perfect multipurpose, therapeutic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory treatment that is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin conditions.
  • Our Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil deeply nourishes, moisturizes, and plumps the skin - while balancing oil production. It is a multi-purpose, therapeutic, lightweight, and fast absorbing treatment that is good for the whole body. You can use it on the face, as a treatment for healing scars, as an all-over body moisturizer and on the scalp and hair. The Nourishing Treatment Oil leaves the skin supple, smooth, and regenerated with a radiant, healthy, golden glow. Recommended for all skin conditions.
  • Our Organic Universal Mask is nourishing food for your skin, brimming with seaweed, potent grasses, and nutrients to soothe and calm inflamed, irritated skin conditions. Suitable for even the most sensitive skin complexions. Packed with nutrients and minerals this nutritious mask feeds the skin back to a healthy balanced state, and when in an active breakout it may be used as often as needed.

Dr Alkaitis Natural Organic Skincare


  1. Cleanse twice daily, morning and night, with the Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser to remove impurities and gently rid the skin of old cells. Moisten your face with lukewarm water. Mix 1-2 pumps of the cleanser with water in the palm of your hand & rub hands vigorously together. Gently massage the cleanser into your skin with upward circular motions. Avoid the delicate eye area. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel.
  2. After cleansing, apply 1-2 pumps of the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Soothing Gel to your face and gently massage into your skin with upward circular motions, avoiding the delicate eye area. You can use the Soothing Gel daily in the morning and night after cleansing to calm inflammation and balance oil production. If your skin is especially oily this can be used alone as a moisturizer.
  3. If your skin is feeling dry, lightly press 1-2 pumps of the Dr. Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment Oil onto your skin over the Soothing Gel.

As our products work together to strengthen and balance your skin, they can be blended for a customized regimen. Should you prefer to create a lightweight serum, mix 1-2 pumps of our Nourishing Treatment Oil with 1-2 pumps of the Soothing Gel or Herbal Toner for a lightweight protective serum. For skin that is producing too much oil, the Nourishing Treatment Oil will restore balance and help to banish acne scars. Click here to read more about the benefits of the Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil.

  1. Once a week, after you cleanse your skin (before you apply the Soothing Gel and Nourishing Treatment Oil) apply a teaspoon of the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Universal Mask  and mix into a thin paste using approximately one teaspoon of purified water.

Dr. Alkaitis Organics Universal Face Mask

To intensify the mask’s properties, replace the water with one teaspoon of organic goat’s milk yogurt (or coconut probiotic yogurt) and/or a teaspoon of organic raw manuka honey. These ingredients are known for their soothing effect on the skin, combining them with our masks will amplify results. Adding them will also help to keep the mask moist on your face so ingredients stay active.

Apply the mask on your face and neck, using your clean fingertips. Avoid the delicate eye area around your eyes. To keep the ingredients active, don’t allow the mask to dry. You can easily add moisture to the mask by gently misting your face with water. Leave the mask to work for about 10 to 20 minutes. To remove the mask, dampen a soft clean cloth with lukewarm water and carefully wipe the mask from the face. Apply the Soothing Gel & Nourishing Treatment Oil as directed.

This mask can be used as a spot treatment or all over as a facial treatment mask. When applying as an all-over face mask, pay special attention to the inflamed areas of your skin by making sure these areas receive proper coverage of the product. The Universal Mask is a nourishing food for your skin, brimming with seaweed, potent grasses and nutrients to soothe and calm inflamed, irritated skin conditions. This mask can be used regularly as irritation persists. It can even be used every day as needed.

(This mask contains grass. Do not use if you have grass allergies.) 

 Dr Alkaitis Organic Acne Kit


Into Dr. Alkaitis' Castile Cleansing Base (compounded from virgin, cold pressed olive*, shea*, jojoba*, coconut*, sesame*, castor* and borage* oils), the following ingredients are added: aloe vera gel*, Dr. Alkaitis' Herbal Skin Repair Complex (made up of chamomile*, plantain*, black elder*, greater nettle*, myrrhº, bitter orange*, rosemary*, marsh mallow*, benzoinº, marigold*, true lavender*, sea wrackº and atlantic seaweedº), vegetable glycerin*, citrus seed extract*, natural vitamin A and C complex, natural full spectrum vitamin E complex (D-alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols) and a blend of 100% pure essential oils.

(*certified organically grown - °ethically wildcrafted **naturally occurring)


Aloe Vera Gel*, Witch Hazel Distillate*, Grape Alcohol*, Greater Nettle*, German Chamomile*, Myrrh⁰, European Elder*, Sweet Weed*, French Lavender*, Curacao Orange*, Benzoin⁰, Rosemary*, Olibanum⁰, Italian Fennel*, Balm Mint*, Sea Oak⁰, Atlantic Kelp*, Red Seaweed⁰, Natural Vitamin B Complex (Yerba Mate Extract*, Chlorella Extract*), Natural Vitamin C Complex (Camu Camu Extract, Acerola Extract*), Aroma (a blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils), Geraniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**

(*certified organically grown / °ethically wildcrafted / **naturally occurring )


Jojoba Oil*, St. John's Wort Oil*, Andean Mountain Rose Hip Seed Oil*, Indian Madder*, Country Sarsaparilla*, Amazon Root*, Liquorice*, Country Mallow⁰, Turmeric*, China Root⁰, Costus⁰, White Sandalwood⁰, Cuscus Grass⁰, Olive*, Eagle Wood⁰, Nut Grass*, Bermuda Grass*, Ashwagandha*, Full Spectrum Natural Vitamin E Complex (D-alpha, beta, gamma, delta Tocopherols and Tocotrienols), Aroma (a blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils), Citral**, Citronellol**, Eugenol**, Farnesol**, Geraniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**

(*certified organically grown - °ethically wildcrafted - **naturally occurring)


Oat Buds* (gluten free), Organic Grass Juice Complex (Khorasan Grass Juice*, Alfalfa Juice*, Oat Grass Juice*, Wheat Grass Juice* ), Sea Vegetable Complex(Chlorella°, Dulse°, Spirulina°, Sea Palm°, Sea Willow°), Vegetable Complex(Carrots*, Cabbage*, Kale*, Broccoli*, Asparagus, Brussel Sprouts*, Cucumber, Ginger*, Sweet Potato*, Onions, Cauliflower*, Beets*, Tomatoes*, Parsley*), Organic Seed Complex(Pumpkin Seed*, Sesame Seed*, Amaranth Seed*, Flax Seed*, Soy*, Rye*, Buckwheat*, Millet*, Barley*, Rice*, Sunflower Seed*), Hydrolyzed Pea Protein*

(*certified organically grown °ethically wildcrafted)

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