7 Ways We Set Ourselves Apart

In a world where organic skincare is more popular than ever, it’s important to recognize the trailblazers that pioneered this movement and which brands are  delivering what they claim. Founded in 1996, Dr. Alkaitis Organics is one of the original, truly organic, 100% plant-powered skincare brands, standing out from competitors with an unwavering commitment to creating raw, living, organic skincare products.

Dr. Saulius Alkaitis built our brand on the principle, "If you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin,” and we have never wavered from this guideline in the formulations of our products. With his scientific knowledge and expertise in plant life, Dr. Alkaitis had the unique ability to fuse science into a holistic approach, hence creating one of the most dynamic personal skincare lines available. We are passionately committed to carrying on Dr. Alkaitis’ legacy, upholding his strict meticulous formulating guidelines to provide you and your family with the same organic, raw, living skincare for years to come. In this article, we want to explore and outline some of the key points that set Dr. Alkaitis Organics apart from other organic skincare brands on the market.

1: Raw Skincare

We manufacture all our products without ever heating ingredients or products above body temperature. This unique approach to raw skincare ensures that enzymatic activity is preserved, providing full therapeutic benefits to your skin.

2: Sophisticated Extracts

We make all our own extracts using advanced techniques that allow us to work with the intelligence of raw, high-quality, whole plants, including root, stem, leaf, and flower. Preserving the integrity and therapeutic value of a whole plant in an extract is both an art and a science.

3: Signature Complexes

The efficacy of our natural skincare products is largely attributed to our extraction methods and unique signature complexes. These proprietary methods allow the products to deliver maximum benefits to the skin.

4: Science Meets Spirituality

Dr. Alkaitis was not only an expert in the scientific realm but also had a deep understanding of the healing, spiritual world of plants. His practical application of spiritual and physical science set his approach to holistic skincare apart from others. He left us with a library of information and research, and a wealth of knowledge to continue formulating and developing products as he did.

5: Aloe Vera Base

Unlike many competitors that use water as the base for their products, Dr. Alkaitis Organics uses 100% certified organic Aloe Vera. This provides a superior foundation for organic face cleansers, toners, masks, and serums.

6: Commitment to Quality

We hand-manufacture all our products in small batches in our own laboratory in California. This ensures the highest quality, chemical-free skincare that is biologically active and made with care.

7: Pioneering Legacy in Organic Skincare

Dr. Alkaitis Organics has been at the forefront of the organic skincare movement since 1996. Our pioneering spirit has set the standard in the industry, well before the organic trend gained mainstream momentum. Our decades-long journey is marked by innovation, deep expertise, and a commitment to purity and efficacy that few can match. The brand's legacy is built on a solid foundation of research, customer trust, and a track record of remarkable skin transformations which is evident in the vast number of positive, detailed reviews from our customers. This long-standing history not only distinguishes us in a market filled with newer entrants but also reinforces our position as a trusted leader in authentic, plant-powered skincare.

When you choose Dr. Alkaitis Organics, you're not only choosing products that are good for your skin but also supporting a brand that stays true to its commitment to providing the most authentic, truly plant-based, organic skincare experience possible.

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