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Guest blogger, Holly Cline, shares her recommendations for creating a luxurious and healing blue moon self care ritual at home. Holly is an esthetician and owner of Holly Cline Skincare in Seattle:

On Saturday October 31st there will be a very rare blue moon lighting up the sky on Halloween night! Having a full moon fall on Halloween is rare enough, it usually only happens every 18 or 19 years, but to have a blue moon (second full moon in a month) also fall on Halloween is extra special and exciting!

I’ve made a list of a few full moon self-care rituals that you can perform if you’d like to soak in her powerful energy while balancing and nurturing your mind, body and spirit.

Super Blue Moon Self Care Ritual
Cleanse and Charge your Crystals

Most crystals can be cleansed by simply placing them under running water or bathing them in sunlight, be careful though because some crystals can dissolve or rust in water or fade in the sun so do some research about the properties of your crystals first.

Once you’ve found a safe cleansing method for each crystal and their energy has been cleared, they’re ready to be charged. Charging your crystals is as easy as placing them outside or on a windowsill to bathe in the light of a full moon. You can also charge them under a new moon but the full moon definitely carries the most magic. I can’t imagine a more powerful full moon to charge them under than the light of the blue moon on Halloween night! Be sure to bring them back inside or remove them from the windowsill before sunrise so you don’t burn off all that amazing energy. The moonlight is perfect for charging all types of crystals, and don’t forget to cleanse and charge your crystal rollers and Gua Sha stones too.

Holly Cline's Super Blue Moon Self Care Ritual  - Dr Alkaitis Organics
Take a Rejuvenating Bath

Your full moon bath can be as simple or as luxurious as you wish.
You may add any or all of the following to your bath:
  • water-safe crystals (my favorite for a full moon is clear quartz.)
  • Seasonal herbs/flowers, essential oils, bath salts, or even moon water (see how to make moon water below.)
  • For cleansing in the bath, my favorite product is the Dr Alkaitis Organic Body Wash. It smells absolutely divine and naturally balances the pH of your skin, leaving it gently cleansed and moisturized.
  • When I’m done bathing, I like to rub a small amount of the Dr Alkaitis Nourishing Treatment oil over my entire body while my skin is still slightly damp. This is beautifully hydrating and a little goes a long way. 

Dr Alkaitis Organic Body Wash - Holly Cline Skincare
How to Make Moon Water

Simply place a bowl of water either outside or on a windowsill to soak up the light of the full moon and remove before sunrise just as you would when charging crystals. You now have moon water!

Moon water can be added to a bath to energize and rejuvenate, for watering your darling houseplants (to give them a little pick-me-up,) and can even be used as drinking water (use filtered water and not tap water if you're charging it  for drinking.) My favorite way to use Moon Water is incorporating it into my holistic skincare regimen and I’ve listed how to do this below: 

Dr Alkaitis Organic Beautifying Mask

Treat Your Skin to a High-Vibrational Skincare Regimen 

My favorite treat for my skin is always a good mask.

For this particular full moon I’ve chosen the Dr ALKAITIS Beautifying mask! The Beautifying Mask is formulated with Dr Alkaitis’ signature Magical Forest Mushroom Complex which leaves the skin supple and plump. The raw, living, magical ingredients in this mask will have your skin vibrating at the cellular level!

To keep the mask activated, it must remain moist on the skin, and that’s where moon water comes in! I love to place my moon water in a glass spray bottle and gently mist my face when I feel the mask starting to dry out. It's super refreshing and uplifting!

You may also use the moon water for mixing the mask.  After a treatment mask I love to apply a small amount of the Dr ALKAITIS Nourishing Treatment Oil with either my crystal roller or my Gua Sha stone which really helps the nutrients and hydration penetrate into the skin, boosting its glow!

Dr Alkaitis Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil by Holly Cline
And there you have it! A high vibrational self-care ritual to practice on this magical blue moon!

I’m wishing everyone a very happy and safe blue moon and Halloween night!

Holly Cline

1817 Queen Anne Avenue North, Ste. 415
Seattle, WA 98109




All photos taken by Holly Cline

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