Travel Light, Travel Pure: Introducing Our TSA-Friendly Organic Travel Kit Deluxe

Fly me to the moon! 

Let’s pack our bags, reach for the sun, linger under the moon, starry eyes + a happy heart.

Take me with you!

Embark on a journey of pure beauty with our latest gem, the 8-piece Organic Travel Kit Deluxe, meticulously designed for eco-conscious adventurers.

Our Cult Classic Travel kit is back and better than ever, featuring 8 beauty essentials. Packaged in a chic, gender-neutral, water-resistant, sustainable and reusable cotton bag, these travel-size products are truly raw, living, organic, and plant-based. 

No matter your destination, our products adapt to every season, climate, and skin condition. With our TSA-approved travel kit, you will always glow on the go.

What's in the bag?

Prepare to be whisked away by the magic of these products, each one carefully curated to pamper your skin with the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

  • 1fl oz | 30 ml Organic Purifying Facial Cleanser: First in the lineup is this mild, gentle, non-drying facial cleanser; a delicate, yet transformative blend infused with revitalizing herbs, balancing seaweeds, and nurturing vitamin complexes. Formulated with our renowned Cleansing Base and Herbal Skin Repair Complex, this cleanser gently purifies while nourishing your skin, leaving behind a renewed radiance.
  • 1 fl oz | 30 ml Organic Herbal Toner: This weightless serum is powered by a harmonious blend of herbs, flowers, seaweeds, and vitamin complexes. Its deep hydrating properties and ability to restore balance make it the perfect companion for your skin, leaving it irresistibly supple and exuding a captivating glow. Regardless of your skin type, this gem is an absolute must-have.
  • 1 fl oz | 30 ml Organic Soothing Gel: Our Soothing Gel is a calming symphony of anti-inflammatory herbs, flowers, seaweeds, and vitamins, all enveloped in a biodynamic Aloe Vera gel. With its multifunctional nature, this gel provides relief and hydration for all skin types, and it’s an ideal antidote for acne, inflammation, and sensitive skin.
  • 1 fl oz | 30 ml Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil: The award-winning Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil is deeply therapeutic, and we sometimes call it our true “miracle in a bottle.” With a blend of lightweight oils and plant extracts, it deeply moisturizes your face, scalp, and body. It is perfect for treating scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and various skin conditions. Customized use of this product includes mixing one pump of the oil with one pump of the Day or Night Crème for a smooth, whipped blend that provides extra hydration.
  • 7 ml | Organic Travel size Day Crème: The Travel Size Organic Day Crème, a silken lightweight blend of deeply moisturizing components and raw plant extracts, effortlessly imbues your skin with a luminous vitality, thanks to its protecting antioxidant power.
  • 7 ml | Organic Travel size Night Crème: The travel sized Organic Night Crème recharges your skin while you slumber, replenishing moisture, repairing damage, and minimizing fine lines. Packed with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and our signature Herbal Skin Repair Complex, this dreamy concoction promises to nurture even the driest and most sensitive skin.
  • 3 ml | Organic Travel size Eye Crème: When it comes to the sensitive skin around your eyes, our travel-size Organic Eye Treatment nourishes and safeguards this delicate area. This indulgently textured and mild formulation soothes, hydrates, and aids in the reduction of fine lines and puffiness, leaving your skin smoother and refreshed.
  • 7.5 g | Organic Travel size Beautifying Mask: Our Organic Beautifying Mask completes this Travel Kit. This unique mask combines the power of skin-plumping mushrooms and antioxidant-rich raw cacao. It enhances the skin’s cellular function, leaving it smooth, radiant and ready for any special event.

With the 8-Piece Organic Travel Kit Deluxe, you can maintain your beauty routine wherever you go. Our carefully crafted organic products offer the purity and nourishment your skin deserves, ensuring you look and feel your best, even when you're on the move. With the convenience of TSA-friendly, travel-sized packaging, you can even pack your favorite products in your carry-on luggage and revel in your beauty rituals wherever life takes you.

Introducing the Deluxe Bag!

What makes this bag truly special? It has been exclusively crafted to meet our specific needs! The inner pockets securely cradle each eco-friendly bottle, ensuring their stability during travel. Additionally, there's a bit of extra space in case you wish to include a few additional products. Customize your Travel Kit by adding a lip balm, a 2 oz Shampoo & Body Wash, the Organic Eye + Face Makeup Remover, or any other small essentials you may require on-the-go, such as a folding toothbrush and toothpaste.

This elegant bag boasts durability, water resistance, and is consciously manufactured using recycled fabrics. It's also incredibly easy to clean with a gentle wipe using a warm soapy cloth. The bag features TSA-friendly sizes, allowing for hassle-free transportation, and it's compact enough to effortlessly fit into a purse or sling. If you're interested in our Large Travel Bag which can hold 6 of our full-size green bottles if needed, click here.

Keep it Green!

Our 1 oz Green bottles are specifically designed for convenient travel. With ample product to last approximately 2-3 weeks (depending on individual usage), they are the ideal size for your adventures. Once empty, don't discard them - save these little treasures and easily refill them from your larger Dr. Alkaitis bottles.

So, prepare your bags, embark on exciting new adventures, and allow our Deluxe Organic Travel Kit to accompany you on your quest to preserve and enhance your natural radiance, no matter where your journey takes you.


Trish + Team Alkaitis


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