Laurie Adams is the owner of LANY Organics located in the heart of Union Square, in New York City. She grew up in a small fishing village on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, Canada and she was interested in skincare from a young age. Her other passion is literature which led her to a teaching degree and working in Asia for three years before moving back to New York to start a new life with her husband. Soon after settling in Manhattan, Laurie's career took a turn back to her other joy, skincare, and she has been a skincare therapist since 2008. We asked Laurie to tell us all about her journey, skills and inspiration. 

1.  What brought you to the world of Holistic Esthetics?

I was teaching in South Korea when I met my husband.  When we got engaged, I was super excited to start our lives together in NYC and find a new career that I truly loved. The thing was I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to ‘be’. For a time, I worked at a Fifth Avenue spa as a front desk coordinator and attended any free knowledge-based skincare classes I could.  Ultimately, a coworker saw my interest and encouraged me to become an aesthetician. My training gave me a solid base but I wanted more. The real learning happened when I began delving into my own skincare interests: ingredients, Dr. Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Connective Tissue Natural Facelift, and Gua Sha, jade rolling, acupressure, and facial reflexology.  I became a Holistic Skincare Therapist because I knew there was a connection between the inner well-being of a person and whatever we do externally to care for our skin.
Holistic Facial With Lymphatic Drainage Dr Alkaitis New York Lany Organics

Gua Sha Facial New York with Lany Organics and Dr Alkaitis Organics

2.  Tell us about your personal mission within the wellness spa industry.

My personal mission is to help clients see their inner and outer beauty and feel good about themselves. We are all so busy attending to our careers, relationships, and/or family obligations that it’s easy to put other people’s needs ahead of our own.  My role is to provide a safe haven for clients to relax and recharge while taking care of their skin.  We are all worthy of this self care and I feel it’s more important than ever.

3.  What do you especially love about Dr. Alkaitis Organics?

It’s simply impossible to choose one reason why I love Dr. Alkaitis Organics! In 2018, I had the opportunity to create my own studio and I went for it! I knew this was the line I wanted to use because of the quality of the ingredients and the amazing support I’ve received from the company. I love that I can vouch for all the ingredients in the Dr. Alkaitis products and how the products are made for all skin types. As a skincare therapist, the line enables me to use the products in a variety of creative ways.

4. What is your favorite Dr. Alkaitis product and why?

In 2010, I was introduced to the Dr. Alkaitis Soothing Gel and I have been using it faithfully ever since! I have sensitive, reactive skin and I find my skin is simply happier with it. Tip- keep it in the fridge in the summer…it feels wonderfully refreshing. Also, it was originally created as an after-shave, so it feels so soothing after hair removal.

5.  Explain to us what a client can expect from a facial treatment at LANY Organics?

As far as LANY Organics goes...I would say I am known for creating a relaxing atmosphere.  I am the only skincare therapist in my studio so the experience is personal. There’s always a consultation with my clients prior to the facial regarding their skincare goals and concerns. Each session is tailored to my client’s needs to make their experience special. LANY Organics is a warm, welcoming space where clients know they are well-cared for.

Organic Facial New York City - Lany Organics Dr Alkaitis Organics
6. Why do you believe a customized skin care routine is important for your clientele?

A customized skin care routine is vital to my clientele because they are not cookie-cutter clients! They have different goals, time constraints, and budgets. I have clients who want a minimalist routine while I have others who want as many steps as I can give them.  There is absolutely no sense in giving a client a routine they won’t follow.  As much as my facials benefit their skin- it is ultimately the client who cares for their skin the majority of the time. A consistent home skincare routine is essential!

7.  Tell us about a new skincare ritual that you love.

A new skincare ritual I adore involves bath time! I love taking a warm bath and putting on a face mask. It’s my self-care time where I listen to music and just relax and let my mask do its magic.

8. Why do you feel that raw plant-based organic skincare is important?

I feel a raw plant-based organic skincare is important because your skin is your largest organ. We tend to care about what we put into our bodies so I feel it’s important to know what we are putting on it. Dr. Alkaitis Organics recognizes the value of the whole plant in its  raw state so the ingredients are kept at their full potential. Healthy food for your skin makes sense to me and I admire the company tagline….if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin. I love that I can proudly show a client an ingredient list of a product and it is beneficial to the skin without any nasty ingredients.

9. What is something that inspires you at the moment?

Something that inspires me is nature. I begin my day with meditation and then get outdoors. It’s  amazing how a change of scenery can provide such a positive reset in your body and mind. For me, whether it is time strolling and birding in Green-Wood Cemetery or spending time walking in the sand and smelling the salty air at a beach… It is such a wonderful way to start my day.


Thank you for your instruction how to take care of my skin and for introduction of Dr. Alkaitis skin care products while I was visiting NY. The products are very good and I plan to change all my cosmetics to Dr. Alkaitis products

Jennifer Choi July 23, 2023

Love this write up, Laurie! Well done! And I can personally vouch for these products too. Funny you mentioned the Dr. A’s soothing gel, I found some leftover from our last facial just the other day, put it on and … just so good. And I adore the light wholesome scent and clean finish of all the products I’ve tried from this special line. Looking forward to seeing you in your studio in the not so distant future!

Rebecca C. Fowler November 10, 2022

Congratulations Laurie ! A lovely article & nice that you are doing so well and following your passion. I live in Dartmouth, NS & grew up in St. Peter’s, C.B. My Mom (Eileen) worked as a telephone operator with your Grandmother Peggy for several years before moving on to work for Dr. O’Rafferty . Mom passed in November of 2010 at 78 & Dad in June of 2010 at 82.
I ran the marathon in NYC in 1998. It’s a great city…lots to do & see.
Take care, Rod MacIntyre

Rod MacIntyre November 10, 2022

Well done, young professional. Well done indeed..!!!!

Mac and Rosemary November 10, 2022

Huge Congratulations Laurie from the MacAulay’s back home in Cape Breton ! Cheers to your success :)

Tara MacAulay November 23, 2022

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