Dr Alkaitis at Rowm Beauty in Park Slope

Recently opened in the picturesque Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, Rowm Beauty is quickly becoming a trusted destination in New York for those seeking clean beauty products and treatments that truly deliver results. Rowm Beauty's mission is to elevate your everyday experience through product discovery, sensory rituals, and personalized treatments that support your overall well-being. Whether you’re looking to discover something new, indulge in a bit of self-care, or enjoy holistic pampering, Rowm is the perfect place to be!

Their 1000 square foot space on 7th Avenue in Park Slope offers a retail space with a carefully curated selection of skincare products, including Dr. Alkaitis Organics, and their spa menu features two treatment rooms and an enticing selection of face and body treatments, including two signature facials with Dr. Alkaitis Organics. Experienced estheticians and therapists ensure that every treatment leaves you feeling renewed and reset.

Click here to reserve your Dr Alkaitis Signature Facial on their website.

The Visionaries Behind Rowm Beauty

Rowaida and Mariless, the dynamic duo behind Rowm Beauty, have been pioneers in the clean beauty space for many years. Their journey began with a shared passion for clean, luxurious living, and countless exchanges of ideas, experiences, and hacks on clean beauty solutions. In February 2024, their dream became a reality with the opening of Rowm Beauty as an extension of their collective experiences.

Celebrating Our Launch at Rowm Beauty

On Saturday, June 15th, we celebrated the launch of Dr. Alkaitis Organics at Rowm Beauty with an all-day event that was truly memorable. Attendees had the chance to meet our CEO, Trish Alkaitis, and our brand educator, Paisley Pahlmann. One of the many highlights of the event was the opportunity to experience our signature mini facial – the skin-nourishing Dr. Alkaitis Boost + Blush Express Facial – expertly provided by Paisley. It was a day filled with connection, rejuvenation, and the joy of clean beauty.

Aligning Values for a Better Beauty Experience

At Rowm, they believe in aligning with brands that share their values – ensuring transparency in ingredients, integrity in sourcing, and maximum efficacy in products. Their approach balances nature and nurture, providing a deeply relaxing journey while utilizing some of the most effective tools to help you achieve great results.

Join Us in Our Journey

See below for an exclusive Q&A with Rowaida and Mariless. They took a moment to share more about their vision, experiences, and the ethos behind Rowm Beauty. 

We are incredibly excited about this collaboration and look forward to sharing the journey of clean beauty with you. Visit Rowm Beauty to explore our products and experience the transformative power of Dr. Alkaitis Organics.

Here’s to a future of clean, luxurious beauty!

Q & A with Rowaida and Mariless:

What is your Mission Statement and vision for Rowm Beauty? 

That we deliver an authentic curation of clean, safe, yet efficacious products, that will enhance your life. And treatments that will change your outlook on how you see beauty today.   

How are you settling into the historic neighborhood of Park Slope Brooklyn? 

Thrilled to be here! Park Slope is all about community. We feel so welcomed and well received. 

What do you especially want your clients to experience at your location?


As the Founders of Rowm Beauty, did you have a specific inspiration for creating the Rowm Beauty experience?

I think Rowm is really an extension of the 2 of us and our work history alongside each other while we were at Onda Beauty 

Tell us about your staff and what sets them apart. 

They all have a profound appreciation for what they do and they see the work as an extension of themselves.

What is something you especially love about the Dr. Alkaitis Organics skincare line?

It works. It’s sensorial. Each item is multi purposeful. And Its adaptable enough where you can blend various products from the collection together and have it serve your needs or desires. 

What is your favorite Dr. Alkaitis product and why? 

The Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. It’s great for the face, body and hair, and it can even be used as a cleansing oil. 

What can a client expect from a Rowm Beauty x Dr. Alkaitis Facial experience?

A complexion awakening! 

How often do you recommend coming in for a facial and do you have tips for choosing what facial is best for a client?

Every 5 to 6 weeks is ideal. We can take a look at your skin and help you decide which facial would serve your skin best in real time. 

What currently inspires you most about the world of holistic wellness?

We believe the answers to optimum skin health and overall well being lies in nature and living a clean balanced lifestyle. There are no shortcuts really. 

We believe the answers to optimum skin health and overall well being lies in nature and living a clean balanced lifestyle. There are no shortcuts really.



72 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Opens 10 am – 6 pm (daily)

(347) 599-1958



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