Answers to frequently asked questions about Dr. Alkaitis' organic skin care product line ingredients, skin care recommendations, questions about acne, dehydrated skin, dry hands, skin reactions, sun burn, sun protection and more.


Agave vs. Organic Raw Honey
Is agave an alternate mixing agent to regular honey?

Yes, agave is an acceptable alternate if honey is too sticky for the client. Raw and organic are the key words when choosing your ingredient. In the conventional market, non-organic or cooked honey (or agave) may be sprayed with pesticides in very high doses which would then be absorbed into the skin.

Note: Our primary recommendation is organic raw honey. Honey is nature’s first-aid kit for the skin. It is a traditional ingredient used for thousands of years in beauty products. It has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is loaded with active enzymes. It is highly hydrating for the skin. Upon application, honey instantly melts to your body temperature thus bypassing its “sticky nature,” creating a silken texture. This keeps the masks moist and in place. If you prefer to use water as another alternate mixing agent, the masks will still perform well.

Can you tell me what combination of essential oils Dr. Alkaitis uses in his formulations? Every once in a while I will have a client who will have an allergy to certain essential oils.

If you have a client with a specific allergy, you may email us at: office@alkaitis.com and we will be happy to inform you if it is present in the product in question. All bottles are labeled with the list of ingredients; however, the exact combination of oils and their quantities are proprietary.

Note: Many inferior essential oils that are used in other products are extracted using a low-cost chemical solvent process. In many cases a person is actually having a reaction to this chemical – not the essential oil. We use only top of the line 100% certified organic essential oils that are made via a cold distillation process.

Why do you recommend organic goat milk yogurt to mix with your masks? Is there an alternate ingredient that I might use?

We recommend organic goat milk yogurt because it is laden with beneficial probiotics, healing enzymes, and lactic acid which are natural exfoliators for the skin. Organic goat milk is hydrating, making it an excellent choice for anti-aging and problem skin. This hydrating quality supports the essential moisture provided by the mask’s ingredients which are biologically activated by an aqueous element. We choose organic goat as an alternative to cow’s milk due to allergic reactions. Our customers have experimented with great success using spring water, raw organic honey as well as organic green tea and organic fruit teas.

Grapefruit Seed Extract is included in some of your products. I have read that Grapefruit Seed Extract includes a preservative Benzethonium Chloride.

We manufacture our own Grapefruit Seed Extract and do not use any preservatives, including Benzethonium Chloride.

Where do your herbal extractions come from?

All our herbal extractions are done in-house by Dr. Alkaitis.

Some websites claim to warn against biologically active products that do not contain preservatives due to potential bacteria and issues relating to longevity. I am a supporter of Dr. Alkaitis’ products but do not know how to reply to these claims.

We absolutely do not use synthetic preservatives in our products. Each product has its own built-in natural preservation system that is enhanced and supported by the proprietary combinations of essential oils, herbal extracts, the ingredients themselves and/or the presence of endogenous enzymatic activity.

What is the definition of Endogenous Enzymatic activity?

Endogenous: produced from within. Enzymatic: any numerous proteins produced by living organisms functioning as catalysts in all life processes.

I noticed that there was Cocoyl Sarcosine in the Dr. Alkaitis Organic Shampoo. Isn’t it possible that during the manufacturing of these compound nitrosamines, which are known to be carcinogenic, could have been formed?

The presence of nitrosamines is definitely a legitimate concern and Dr. Alkaitis makes any and all efforts to make sure that the formulations and manufacturing procedures prevent any possibility of forming these agents. The skin- and hair-friendliest surfactants are those made up of an amino acid chemically linked to a vegetable fatty acid. One of these is the amino acid sarcosine (N-Methyl Glycine), coupled with coconut fatty acids, making cocoyl sarcosinate. There are a variety of other combinations but generally they have very similar properties: gentle to the skin, good for the hair, and not affected by the hardness of the water.

I recently purchased some of your products for my 11-year-old niece and myself. She suffers from acne and I recently read in Dr. Copeland’s book that I shouldn’t use toner with alcohol and witch hazel. The doctor states that both are stripping for the skin. Can you explain this since you use both alcohol in the Toner and Soothing Gel and Witch Hazel?

Alcohol – We use a high quality and skin-sensitive certified organic witch hazel as well as certified organic grape alcohol. The difference between commercial denatured alcohol and organic grape alcohol is that denatured alcohol is very inexpensive. We only use organic grape that is high quality, expensive, and “drinkable.” There are two roles of alcohol in our formulas: 1) It is critical to keep certain components of herbal extracts in the solution, thereby acting as a preservative, and 2) Witch hazel and/or organic alcohol will accelerate the absorption of materials by the skin. Non-organic, denatured or 100% (undiluted) alcohol will indeed dry your skin. When used in specified formulas and quantities, such as in our Organic Herbal Toner and Organic Soothing Gel, witch hazel and certified organic alcohol facilitate the therapeutic properties of these ingredients. In fact, they act as a hydrating tonic for oily skin.

Witch Hazel – This ingredient has been used for thousands of years for therapeutic treatments for the skin. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, an astringent, and an anti-oxidant and protects against sun (UV-A and UV-B) damage. It is also anti-aging, anti-wrinkling and an analgesic. It plays an integral role in the formulation of our products. Commercially available witch hazel is NOT skin friendly because it usually contains chemical additives.


Can the Nourishing Treatment Oil double as a body moisturizer as well?

The Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil may be used for the entire body, face, and hair. A small amount may be applied after shower or into a bath. We recommend massaging the product into damp skin.

I use the Cellular Repair Mask. Is it considered an alpha-hydroxy mask since the ingredients contain fruit. Does this product encourage exfoliation?

Our Cellular Repair Mask base utilizes the whole plant’s composition and, thus, our product base is gentler and more effective. In comparison, the use of isolated acidic fruit extraction is usually combined with a synthetic-based compound and results in a higher skin damage rate. With our use of a whole fruit, the skin is able to stay protected while the product works with the natural acids of its pure ingredients. Regular use of our products will stimulate natural and gentle exfoliation of your skin. For those who seek a specific item that focuses on exfoliation, we recommend a once-a-month (only) use of our Enzyme Exfoliating Mask.

Can you share more about the qualities of the Dr. Alkaitis-branded mask treatments?

Please read below about our four different masks. All our masks are biologically activated by an aqueous substance and must remain moist on the skin.

Organic Enzyme Exfoliating Mask is ideal for skin that needs to be renewed, refreshed and rejuvenated. It is a gentle and effective anti-aging treatment. It thoroughly removes all of the accumulated debris in the skin, while supplying essential phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants, and minerals to the skin. This mask also has a brightening effect. Good for all skin types. Best utilized as once-a-month treatment.

Organic Flower Mask is an activating and energizing mask that will bring a sallow lifeless complexion to life. It leaves the skin glowing while improving the overall skin tone. Good for normal to oily skin types. Best utilized as a once-a-week treatment.

Organic Universal Mask nourishes and rejuvenates sensitive, mature, inflamed, damaged and/or troubled skin. Excellent for use after peels, micro-dermabrasion, photo facials, etc. Contains grass-check for allergies. Best utilized as a once-a-week treatment.

Organic Cellular Repair Mask will repair, regenerate, and fortify your environmentally damaged and/or aging skin. Contains real berries-check for allergies. Best utilized as a once-a-week treatment.

For skin care professionals, please note: We recommend both the Universal and Cellular Repair Mask as finishing masks, and the Enzyme and Flower as treatment masks.

Most important: the best way to keep the masks moist is to combine them with a half teaspoon of organic raw honey, a teaspoon of organic goats milk, two drops of Nourishing Treatment Oil and a few drops of spring water, or any combination thereof.

How can I order the lip balm and rose aloe water spray that is listed in your brochure?

The Rose Aloe Spray is unfortunately not available at the moment. The spray will, however, be re-introduced in the near future. Please let us know if you are interested in ordering and we will include you in the upcoming announcements of products.

Why do you not use glass bottles for your products? I was under the impression that pure botanical ingredients need to be in dark containers. Isn’t this the best way to keep your products fresh?

No, glass is filled with impurities that are impossible to regulate, such as lead. Glass is generally not safe neither in a bathroom nor an esthetician’s setting and the shipping costs are prohibitive.

Note: All of our containers are recyclable.

I notice your products smell differently from all the other personal care products that I have used up until now.

Our products smell very natural, clean, and organic ~ referring to the forest, woods, ocean, herb and flower gardens. Our products do not contain any synthetic scents. We derive our pure scent from plants and essential oils so that each product has a distinct smell and, thus, “personality.” Also, our male clientele (who normally tend to shy away from skin care products due to dislike of synthetic scent) have remarked positively on the natural and clean scent of our products.

Note: All of our containers are recyclable.

I am allergic to gluten. I noticed that your shampoo and all four Dr. Alkaitis masks contain oat buds. Are these gluten-free?

Oat plants do not contain gluten per se. However, the inclusion of oats in a gluten-free diet has not been fully defined. Twenty years of research provides a mixed conclusion on whether the consumption of oats may trigger an immune response in those with celiac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis. Until it is determined exactly what causes the responses in those individuals that are reactive to oats, we would recommend that for people with known gluten allergies great care should be taken with any product containing oats.

What is the shelf life of the Dr. Alkaitis products?

At least two years. Additionally, our products do not need refrigeration but should be kept in a cool and/or room temperature environment and out of direct sunlight. We recommend that you shake the products thoroughly before each use.


Are Dr. Alkaitis products good for acne? Is their one in particular that you recommend?

Yes, in fact, the whole line is especially good for sensitive, acne, and mature skin. A must-have product specific to an acne condition is the Organic Soothing Gel. It is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. You may use it as a spot treatment or just use it all over your face to control bacteria from spreading. The Organic Soothing Gel is also a non-greasy hydration product applicable to acne and problem skin. If the acne condition is in a very active phase, we recommend the Organic Purifying Cleanser and the Organic Soothing Gel as a daily routine morning and night. In the evening, apply the Nourishing Treatment Oil after cleansing. Massage a small amount on your skin before bed. Once inflammation has been soothed, feel free to incorporate other Dr. Alkaitis products into your daily routine. We interpret and apply the Ayurvedic philosophy concerning oil: “Oil cuts Oil.” Nourishing Treatment Oil will have both a therapeutic effect on your skin and it will also bring imbalanced skin into balance.

Are your products safe for babies and children?

Yes. For babies, children and adults, avoid eye area. The Nourishing Treatment Oil is also excellent to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

I have extremely dry skin. What would you recommend for me?

We recommend that you try using the Night Crème in place of Day Crème. You can add two to three drops of Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil into either the Day and or Night Crèmes. Blend well and massage gently into skin. Wait a few minutes for mixture to penetrate your skin, and then apply make-up as usual. You may repeat this same process in the evening or just use the Nourishing Treatment Oil by itself.

I have dry hands all of the time. What would you suggest?

Try smoothing on equal amounts of Soothing Gel, Nourishing Treatment Oil, and Night Cream onto freshly washed hands. Massage well.

My boyfriend gets painful and difficult ingrown hairs. He is currently using a steroid to ease the pain. What do you recommend?

Many of our male customers have written to us raving about our shaving & exfoliating treatment. Exfoliate once a week or as needed. Use a teaspoon of Flower mask mixed with a few drops of Nourishing Treatment Oil. Combine into a paste with the consistency of a yogurt drink and with your fingers apply the mixture in circular motions to damp skin. After rinsing, finish with Soothing Gel. Shaving cream may be made by mixing the Organic Purifying Cleanser with a few drops Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil. Apply to damp skin in circular motions, and create a light lather. Shave and rinse. Finish with a small amount of Soothing Gel.

Note: If acne is present, exclude exfoliation process and continue to the Shaving cream directions.

This treatment is applicable to leg, bikini and underarm shaving as well.

I have only been using your products for two days now. My skin tingles and turns red. Is this “normal?”

Yes, this is normal. Our products are 100% biologically active. The combined ingredients are actively working to bring a fresh supply of oxygen and blood to the skin’s surface via the capillaries, which may cause a reddish or tingly reaction. A reaction is very common when you switch to any new brand, particularly with organic and raw products. Most skin care experts suggest a two-week acclimation period. If you have a reaction that you are unsure about please feel free to contact us via telephone 916-617-2345 or via email at office@alkaitis.com.

What do you recommend for sunburn?

Gently sponge the sunburned area with tepid water and gently blot dry with a towel. Apply Herbal Toner directly onto the skin and let dry. Re-apply as needed. You may hydrate with the Organic Night cream.

Do the Dr. Alkaitis products offer sun protection?

In a certain sense, yes, the entire line has its own natural sun protection which is inherent in the plants themselves. The Herbal Toner is recommended for the face and body before, during and after, sun exposure. The Nourishing Treatment Oil and Day Cream may be worn on the face for daily sun protection.

Can you recommend a good sunscreen to use in conjunction with your products if I want a higher SPF rating?

We recommend using zinc oxide.


Will your products stain my linens?

Yes, it is possible due to the natural ingredients i.e.; the Universal mask is deep green and is made entirely out of vegetables, sea vegetables, and various grasses. The Cellular mask is mauve pink and is made entirely out of berries – which may stain.

I am an esthetician who chooses not to use steam in my practice. May I still use your masks?

Most important: The best way to keep the masks moist is to combine them with a half teaspoon of organic raw honey, a teaspoon of organic goats milk, two drops of Nourishing Treatment Oil and a few drops of spring water.

As an alternative to steam, please follow these steps:
Brush a layer of the mask mixture onto your client’s face. Apply warm damp gauze to the face over the mask, leaving only the nostrils and eye areas exposed. Brush the remainder of mixture on top of the damp gauze. Allow the mask to penetrate for 10-15 minutes. If it starts to dry, you may mist it with a spray bottle or water atomizer.

How do I pronounce Dr. Alkaitis?

It is pronounced “AL-KI-TIs.” Dr. Alkaitis is originally from Lithuania.

I am interested in receiving wholesale account information.

We would be happy to give you information regarding wholesale accounts. Please email us at office@alkaitis.com. We will send you a New Account Form that will need to be filled out and faxed back to us at 916-617-2345. When we receive this, we will send you our sales kit.

I am a retailer and an esthetician. Do I need to supply both my resale number and registration number?

Yes. We will ask you to provide both resale and esthetician registration number on your New Account Form.


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